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Here at Prodigy we help busy moms and dad get stronger, lose weight, feel athletic, gain confidence, and build their ideal bodies.
"Prodigy is simply the BEST!  I have played soccer all my life and have met many fitness professionals but none with their knowledge of the human body and how to best reach your goals... Tell them your goals and they will help you get there. It may be hard work but it will be worth it!! Give it your all and you will get there."
- Maureen Torretto
Whether your goal is to lose body fat, gain some muscle or do things you thought you could never do again, this is the place for you!
At Prodigy we are committed to getting you results and keeping you safe, while you have FUN!
"Prodigy can help you climb mountains. Literally! My goal with joining Prodigy was to get in shape to climb Mt. Shasta. Mission accomplished!" 
- Louis Rivezzo
Just Imagine:
Seeing results each and every week.
Walking around with confidence.
Having more energy to do the things that matter to you.
Feeling comfortable in a bathing suit, putting on that old shirt you wore in high school and finding out that it fits again!
"Wow where to begin.... the Prodigy family have lit a fire in me and I'm so excited to start working out again!" 
I can't wait to continue this journey with my Prodigy family. No more excuses..."
- Veronica Takata
The confidence that comes with knowing that you are doing each exercise correctly and most efficiently!
Getting your life back:
You will be able to do things you never thought you would be able to do again!
Results you can see and feel:
As you continue to come in you will get closer and closer to your goals! 
Fun and Excitement: 
Prodigy will quickly become your 3rd Place. The friend's you make here will become friends for life!
You will not only receive motivation from our coaches but from our other members as well!
Why wait?  Take back control of your life today and FINALLY reach your goals!!
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