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At Prodigy Sports Performance our training philosophy is quite simple.  

We operate under the mindset that: 

1) Training should be grounded in science and unique to the individual athlete.
2) Training should be about progress not about soreness.
3) Training should be fun.

The truth is, the needs of every athlete is different; from speed, power, and strength, to mobility, flexibility, and coordination. This is why we take a custom approach for each and every athlete we work with.

The Elite Athletic Development program offers the best in integrated training to enhance overall athleticism.  The program consists of functionally sound movement training, focused strength training, and sports specific conditioning geared to help improve performance on the field or court. Following a science based progression, workouts become progressively more challenging once basic techniques have been mastered.

Utilizing an innovative approach to training we focus on building a solid athletic foundation while staying focused on individual needs and goals.

Our Elite Athletic Development classes are capped at 10 people, this allows us to provide our athletes with a lot of 1:1 attention to insure they are performing the right exercises, the correct way, to maximize results and minimize injury.

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